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Purchased a 2004 Chevy Suburban from Truce Auto in Madras/Redmond, Oregon on May 31, 2013 using a 1997 GMC 'Burb as a trade-in ($2500 down). $8500 was financed.

Leaving the lot I found the turn signals were flashing quicker than usual. The owner told me to take the truck to their friends place in town. I did and was told he'd have to tear out the steering column to fix the problem. I took it home, removed the tail light lenses and replaced two bulbs which fixed the problem.

On June 15, the fuel guage went bonkers and was told I'd have to replace the fuel pump/sending unit (from inside the gas tank) This I did to no avail. Next, I sent the cluster off to Utah and had it totally reconditioned. This fixed that problem. When I asked for some help with all of this from the owner I was basically ignored.

Told to find a solution on the internet. Then the front wheel bearings needed replacing along with a tie rod. During this process we had to replace the brakes and rotors. When the digital message appeared on the dash saying "service stabletrack" we then had to rebuild the front diff.(All wheel drive:a Nightmare!!) Went to get the trany serviced and found the output bearing on the transfer case was bad and pulling trany fluid into the transfer case.

We rebuilt the transfer case. Had the transmission serviced and went for an alignment only to find the toe-in was 65 degrees toed in. Fixed that. Had tires checked only to find two were de-laming, and two other wheels were splitting.

The tire pressure sensors were bad. Did not replace them. Bought new tires and wheels. Had to replace the A/C belt and tensioner.

Up to this point I had $3000 in parts and labor plus the down and 3-mos. payments. I was SO fed up at this point. They allowed us to "self-re-po" and still offered no help whatsoever.

Every time I talked with them they implied it was all my problem, or, they were too busy to hear me out. I understand the "as is" clause, but having owned the rig for only three months and driven only 1200 miles and to lose it all because I was sold a piece of *** in the first place? In my view this is criminal, at least! These people will bend over backwards to sell you a car, then, have you bend over forwards and "give it to you" over and over.

You can find out for yourself if you dare. First the "Lemon" then the "***".

Feeling VERY Ripped-Off!! Abused, and "HAD"

Monetary Loss: $6400.

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Portland, Oregon, United States #1354947

The only thing you failed to mention is what due diligence you did before you agreed to purchase the vehicle. Any reasonable person knows that when buying a used vehicle you should have the vehicle inspected and tested by a mechanic YOU know and trust; independent of the dealer.

If you truly "understand the 'AS IS' clause" as you say you do, then you know that you agreed to buy the vehicle in the condition it was in, at the time and place you bought it.

True of false: you purchased the vehicle without any guarantee or warranty from the dealer?

If you wanted them to warrant the vehicle for 90 days, then you should have negotiated those terms.

The fact that the dealer let you back out of the agreement you made, 3 months after the fact, actually says this dealer is more than reasonable.

And, no, I don't have ANY vested interest in this, or any other dealer. I just hate to see people who write reviews accuse others of bad business practices when they are NEGLIGENT as a customer.

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